Data Analysis And Reporting in Social Sciences

Data Analysis And Reporting in Social Sciences2023


Data Analysis And Reporting in Social Sciences 2023 Yabancı Dil Programları


Data Analysis And Reporting in Social Sciences


Science is one of the most important phenomena that shape the progress and development of humanity. In order to realize the criteria of transparency, validity, reliability and universality, which are among the basic principles of science, appropriate and valid scientific research methods should be used. For researchers, it is important to determine the correct data collection method as well as choosing scientific research methods according to the research topic. The researcher should have a good knowledge of data collection methods, data analysis and reporting while deciding which data collection method to find the answer to the research question. Data analysis is the first step in the creation of a research report. The researcher provides the results of the research by analyzing the data obtained with the appropriate research method. In this context, the analysis and reporting of research data provides the general framework of the result. Researchers have to master data analysis and reporting in order to conduct valid and reliable research. In this training, data analysis and reporting issues specific to social sciences are discussed. In this context, the content of the training includes following topics;

  • Science and Scientific Research
  • Scientific Research Methods
  • Data analysis
  • Data Analysis Reporting