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Research Ethics in Social Sciences

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Research Ethics in Social Sciences


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Research Ethics in Social Sciences


The importance of the concept of ethics has started to gain importance from the past to the present day. Ethics, which is shaped within the framework of the principles applied in the life of the individual, has turned into a necessary concept for the development of working life and the formation of its principles together with social life. The concept of ethics has been the first concept to ensure the validity and reliability of today’s scientific world. Scientific research methods used for the emergence of scientific thought that forms the basis of science and its transformation into a valid form should be carried out within the framework of ethical principles. The creation, implementation, conclusion and reporting of scientific research methods should be done in line with the guidance of ethical rules. Even unintentional ethical violations by researchers can have negative effects on both the outcome of the research and the career of the researcher. Researchers should know and apply ethical rules well. In this training, ethical principles in social sciences were evaluated. In this context, the content of the training includes following topics:

  • Science and Research
  • Research Methods in Social Sciences
  • Ethics and Morality Concept
  • Research Ethics in Social Sciences
  • Ethical Violations and Consequences




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