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Thesis and Thesis Writing with All Aspects (Applied)

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Thesis and Thesis Writing with All Aspects (Applied)


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Thesis and Thesis Writing with All Aspects (Applied)

Thesis and Thesis Writing with All Aspects (Applied)

Postgraduate theses (master’s and doctorate) are about obtaining a certain academic title, pursuing a career, being a member of the scientific community, etc. It can be written for many reasons. Today, both the advancement of technology and the increase in scientific knowledge and the fact that it is easily accessible has increased the number of people doing master’s and doctorate degrees. Every year, thousands of people worldwide receive master’s and doctoral degrees from universities. However, in order to receive these degrees, they must produce a work as a final thesis. In this presentation, the subject of what should be considered while writing a graduate thesis will be discussed. The highlights of our presentation are as follows:

  • Science and Research
  • What is the Thesis and Why Is It Written?
  • Subject Selection
  • Access to and Use of Material
  • The work plan
  • Writing Phase
  • Punctuation Marks
  • Citation and Citation Formats
  • Thesis Writing Guidelines Reviews


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