Qualitative Research Methods in Social Sciences

Qualitative Research Methods in Social Sciences2023


Qualitative Research Methods in Social Sciences 2023 Mesleki Eğitimler Sertifika Programı


Qualitative Research Methods in Social Sciences



Science is extremely important for the progress and development of humanity. The scientific ideas used while fulfilling the functions of solving the problems encountered in daily life should be in accordance with scientific principles and norms. The community of researchers who accept science as a profession is called the scientific community. Researchers should report the findings they have obtained as a result of their scientific studies in order to present them to the public. An important step that researchers must do to test research questions is to gather evidence. Evidence to be collected by research methods is the data used to determine the acceptance and rejection of research hypotheses. The researcher has to choose the appropriate research method for the research question. In this training, qualitative research methods in social sciences are discussed. In this context, the following topics were covered in the training content:

  • Science
  • Scientific research
  • Qualitative Research Models
  • Qualitative Research Method and Stages
  • Planning and Writing Qualitative Research