Research And Problem Definition in Social Sciences

Research And Problem Definition in Social Sciences2023


Research And Problem Definition in Social Sciences 2023 Yabancı Dil Programları


Research And Problem Definition in Social Sciences


The researcher should have a character that is constantly curious and questioning. The essence of science is to identify problems, find solutions and produce results. While the researcher carries out his studies within the framework of scientific principles, it is necessary to comply with scientific principles and to have scientific validity and reliability of his studies. Researchers should fulfil the principles of defining the problem and creating the research stages as a result of the examinations they have made before starting their scientific research. While scientific research is shaped as the whole of the rules that guide scientific subjects, it is important to define the problems related to scientific subjects correctly in terms of the validity of the solutions to be produced. Researchers can carry out their scientific research in a valid and reliable way by mastering the issues of scientific research and problem definition. In this training, research and problem definition issues in social sciences are discussed by the help of the following topics:

  • Science
  • Scientific research
  • Scientific Research Methods
  • Problem Identification